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Hematite and Copper Necklace

Hematite and Copper Necklace

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A beautiful Hematite crystal wrapped in simple copper.  This is a heavy and visually stunning crystal that has naturally formed into a heart-like shape. Each necklace is 100% unique and comes with a waxed cotton cord and lobster clasp.


Materials: Hematite, copper

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  • Appearance

    Whilst care and attention has gone into the creation of your Fettled! jewellery, each item is unique and handcrafted and therefore may not be as consistent or flawless as mass produced factory jewellery. We believe that these tiny flaws are what make our items unique and interesting.

    Colours may vary slightly from the photographs shown due to different screens and devices, though we have tried our hardest to represent the items accurately.

  • Care

    Each item is unique and handcrafted and therefore may not be as durable as mass produced factory jewellery. It is advisable to take the item off before exposing to water for prolonged periods, especially if using soaps or detergents as these can wear down the finish. It's also recommended that you remove your jewellery before manual labour or sporting activities to minimise the risk of breakage and personal harm.

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