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Whether it's a piece of jewellery, a wooden table or even an arcade cabinet, the fettled! process always begins with the selection of the best quality materials for the project.

Our rings aren't cheap stainless steel, they're Titanium, Tungsten or 925 Sterling Silver. Our crystals aren't just any crystals, they're Swarovski. And our wood isn't plywood or MDF, it's quality exotic timber.

We believe that if you use quality, you make quality.

Exotic woods
Quality Materials
Japanese pull saw


At fettled! handmade is exactly that - we try to use minimal power tools in what we do. We cut with Japanese pull saws, we carve and sand by hand.


Electric drills and sanders are sometimes necessary early on the process, but whenever possible we try to finish by hand.


Time is the most important part of the fettled! process.

Nothing is rushed and everything can be started again if it's not panning out as expected.

The more time we spend, the more detail we put in and the higher quality the result.

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